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Your vehicle's exhaust system performs an important function. Mufflers dampen the noise normally associated with this process. A catalytic converter transforms "bad gases" into more environmentally friendly emissions. When everything is running as it should, you enjoy a quiet ride while your vehicle's byproducts turn into harmless gases.

Rust is a common issue that often leads to either poor performance or serious malfunctions. Small holes can also develop over time from road damage from driving on bumpy roads or driving over potholes and other situations you often deal with while driving. It is not normal for loud noises to come from your vehicle when expelling gasses and other byproducts.

While the noise is annoying and distracting, dangerous gases could accumulate in your vehicle when your system isn't operating the way it should - including potentially lethal carbon monoxide. While this is a worst-case scenario, we do want to stress the importance of regular maintenance to ensure that your vehicle's system is working properly.

Common exhaust system issues include:

• Loud noises (any noise should be cause for at least having an inspection)
• Pinholes
• Loose brackets
• Stuck valves
• Catalytic converter malfunction

Replacing a plugged converter will relieve any issues with your converter on a temporary basis only. The actual cause of the converter failure must be addressed for the issue to truly be corrected. This is why we believe in the importance of finding the root problem rather than going for the quick fix.

If you have or suspect any of these issues, just bring your vehicle into our shop. We will perform an initial inspection free of charge and then present you with a free estimate with no obligation to get the repairs done with us. Customer service is always our first priority.

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