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You never know when you will need your brakes. You certainly don't want to find out that you have an issue with your brakes at the most inconvenient time. Whether it's your brake pedal, brake master cylinder, power brake booster or hydraulic brake fluid, we can take care of most common brake repairs quickly while still maintaining quality.

Common brake issues include:

• Difficulty stopping (serious problem that should be addressed immediately)
• Skidding why attempting to come to a stop (should also be addressed immediately)
• Hard brake pedal
• Brake light stays on continuously
• Grinding noises

Any issue with your brake system should be taken seriously. However, if you are having difficulty coming to a complete stop or experiencing any level of sliding when trying to stop, it is important to bring your vehicle in immediately. We will perform a comprehensive diagnostic process to pinpoint the problem. If you get an error code, we will match the code to determine if that really is the cause of any brake issues you are experiencing.

Brake Maintenance

Most brake problems can be traced back to lack of routine maintenance. Regular brake maintenance is important to ensure that everything is working as it should. We use state-of-the-art diagnostics to inspect your brake system. Even minor adjustments throughout the year can keep your brake system running as efficiently as it should, which in turns keeps your fuel costs in check since your brake system doesn't have to work as hard to operate.

If there is no issue with your brake system, we will tell you that. We never insist on work that doesn't need to be done. Whether or not there is an issue with your brake system or some other part of your vehicle, we will honestly tell you the outcome of our initial diagnostics and clearly explain your options. You will then receive a free estimate with no obligation to get the work done from us. We always put customer service first.

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